Striped Black and red Leather Plush Set of 12 -اصلي مستورد

Striped Black and red Leather Plush Set of 12 -اصلي مستورد


اصلي مستورد

Product description

This is a 12-in-1 toy set that is suitable for the scientific design of a variety of games. We use high quality and environmentally friendly PU leather to make this very soft and comfortable suit for beginners and lovers. 
The product is of high quality and long life. In addition, it does not lose color due to sweat or water. Complete toys add fun to your sex life, you should have them! 

Easy to unpack and comfortable material
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Material: PU leather, nylon and stainless steel
Gender: Unisex
Suit: handcuffs, shoulder straps, whip, cotton rope, mouth plug, clip, feather, collar, cross strap, goggles
Weight: 23.98 ounces
Color: Black
Package List: 12 Toy 

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